White Label our Software Tools

Is your organization helping entrepreneurs using your own system, but you are lacking the software tools or the capacity to build your own software tools?
You can white label every single software that we have developed. We have an unbelievably robust set of software tools created specifically for entrepreneurship.
We understand that our way of approaching entrepreneurship might not resemble yours and we are more than willing to help you bring to life your amazing program!
In fact, you can do more than white label our software, you can change everything even the program content.

Our expertise is in software development for entrepreneurship

Our Waxdale Advisors team will help you either white label our entire set of software tools to maximize your own startup incubation program experience or to engineer your own software tools using our technology infrastructure.

Waxdale Advisors L.P. is led by Waxdale Ecosystem’s CEO Jean Agenor. The past few years Jean and the Waxdale team have acquired an expertise in engineering software tools specifically for entrepreneurship, your organization can benefit from that expertise. We want to be the partner of choice of all the startup ecosystem participants and members across the globe.

We will sit down with you and your team to understand your reality and challenge, we will work on deploying our technology to your advantage. As your partner of choice, we listen to your needs and guide you through our development process.

We’ve spent the past few years engineering a strong and resilient software infrastructure, we will be able to deploy your program online in no time. All we require is your imagination, we know exactly how to make things possible.

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Can my organization white label your entire set of software tools?

Yes, you can white label every single software that we engineered as well as replace all our content.

Do you also engineer entrepreneurship software from scratch?

Yes, we have a robust technology infrastructure, and we can use it to deliver your own software tools from scratch.

Will your team work hand in hand with our team?

Yes, we work hand in hand with your team to understand your needs, listen to your vision and deliver on your ideas.

What is your process to get started?

Simply send us an email and let us know if white labeling is an option for your organization or if you have entrepreneurship software ideas of your own.

White Label our Software Tools Today!

Or work with us to engineer your own.