Business Structure

We will help you define your business description, vision, mission(s), and business values.

System Engineering

We will help you choose your system type and position your company so you can dominate your market. We will help you figure out what your most important assets are and how to finance them. We will help you engineer your infrastructure or your internal management system. We will help you manage your production capacity, find new business opportunities, find your cash float to finance your working capital as well as building the right relationships.

Management Systems

We will help you with financial management best practices, find opportunities abroad to grow your business, manage your tangible and intangibles assets, recruit effectively, understand and manage your risk profile, research and market your product or service effectively as well as strategize for the effective use of new technologies.

Business Analysis, Strategy, and Operations

We will help you understand your internal business environment. We will help you figure out your Total Addressable Market (TAM), your Served Available Market (SAM), and your Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM). We will help you identify your competitors, understand demographic, cultural, and technological developments. We will help you strategize for new opportunities, strategize for new relationships, strategize to increase capacity with humans and technology, and strategize for cash float. We will help you optimize your operations by efficiently manage your processes and activities.

Easy to navigate “launch board” with video description

Launch Board Features

• Customizable with your startup name and logo
• 60 tasks to accomplish in 60 days as well as Pro Tips, Business Plan Updates, Financial Model Updates, and Learning Class
• Support software for Business Engineering, Business Modeling, Integrated Marketing Communications, and Risk Management
• Access to our Waxdale Ecosystem as a Service platform to work on your Business Plan, Financial Model, and Cap Table
• Recommended Books to help you with entrepreneurship knowledge and business acumen
• Quote of the day to inspire you
• A Note Pad to keep track of your progress and to raise questions (you can export and print all your notes)
• Direct messaging to ask questions to our Waxdale Advisors team (fast response)

Easy to use Metrics and Analytics Dashboard

Metrics and Analytics Dashboard Features

• Easy to enter financial information
• Manage total revenue, total cost, and gross margin
• Analytics list
• Analytics definition

It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

Request to Join

Send us an email and let us know why you want to launch a startup and how committed you are.Then, we will give you access to all the tools you will need to go through the program. We will also assign a team of advisors to you.

Go Through Each Day

Go through each day and tasks methodically, some days can be combined, and some will need to be completed one at a time. Add your metrics and analytics as you progress and use the Note Pad to keep track of your advancement. Use the support software to document your business’s system (business structure, system engineering, management systems, business analysis, strategy, and operations).

Launch your Startup

Once you’ve completed your 60 days worth of tasks and learnings you should have 100 customers, strong business acumen, and a business that knows how to scale.

Launch your Startup Today


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